I have been trying to make a better point of doing more with my photography blog… well to be completely honest I was never really great at keeping a blogging schedule. So from time to time I am trying to post more here on Take & Talk Pics even though it is my Rob Krueger Photography work being shown and talked about. The last Blog post I had done was a spin off of an episode… This one is to be independent and it focuses on my primary subject matter. Weddings!

This wedding was of an awesome couple, A & J. I had the pleasure of photographing them for their engagement session as well as their wedding. Lately, only about half of my wedding clients opt for an engagement session. I was very pleased with their engagement pictures. We had gone to two wildly different locations back in October of 2015 and after the first few photos I had taken a rather nasty fall and torn the ligaments in my left wrist and hand. I wore a brace for 12 weeks to recover form that one. That is a whole other story really and this post is to see the photos involved with both the engagement session as well as their wedding from March 2016.

A & J Wedding - blog postHappy Shooting!


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