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Take & Talk Pics is a photography based podcast and blog where the host, Rob Krueger, shares information every Monday, interviews a new working professional photographer each Wednesday and Friday. This full blown photography podcast and blog is full of amazing content 3 days a week. Photo World, the listening community, can expect a fresh new show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These episodes will be available right here on, iTunes, Sticher Radio, and other top podcast apps and resources.

Rob will use Take & Talk Pics as a better way of learning photography and more importantly the business of photography. He asks nearly identical questions to every photographer being interviewed each Wednesday and Friday. The great thing about this continuity is; Photo World will know exactly what to expect from Take & Talk Pics but the answers are constantly changing from one professional to the next. Rob believes this is the best way to learn. It begins to become an educational habit.

Aside from the weekly interviews, Rob has the Monday Message. This began in June 2015 and continues today. Whether Rob is recalling a quote, suggesting a book, speaking about his own experiences, or just getting Photo World motivated to CRUSH their photography business; He delivers a unique perspective on a range of topics to keep us interested in all the aspects of photography and running a small business.

Holding 2 degrees in photography and teaching at the College of DuPage; Rob can’t stress enough how important traditional education was for him and how valuable it is for you. However, Rob believes there should be a wealth of information out there and he wants to bring it directly to you Photo World. So much value and great take away’s for photographers of all levels.

IMG_0265Rob Krueger isn’t a stranger on the learning end of photography. He started out playing with photography and exploring all there was to offer back in 2003 with his Kodak Easyshare ls633. His subject was that of many high school sophomores… his friends. Rob was into skateboarding with his buddies and it turns out that Rob was the only one who was awful at skateboarding. So he borrowed a camera from his friend and began finding it was more than just a way to be involved with the skateboarding. He soon went and bought his own camera – Kodak Easyshare ls633 with the Kodak 6000 printing system. $700 was a lot for a camera back then. Especially when the only 3.1 megapixel sensor was nearly the best you could get on the market. No matter. This drove Rob to take pictures everywhere he could.

The Fall of 2004 was when Rob participated in the photography program at his high school and where he fell in love with 35mm film. Shooting on a Pentax ME Super, Rob saw the beauty in creating from just what was already in front of him before ever taking up a camera.

A year off after high school and several odd jobs along the way, Rob attended The College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn IL. For the next 3 years COD was Rob’s home and he was involved with as many photography classes as he could without to much overachieving. After 77 credit hours and a 3.75 GPA, Rob graduated with honors from COD with his Associates Degree. He may have been the youngest of the siblings, but he was the first of the 5 children to obtain a college level degree.

In May of 2009 Rob Krueger Photography was born. Rob spent 3 years as a retouched for a local studio called Élan Photography. In that time Rob learned a ton about running a studio and bettering his skills as a photographer with both shooting and editing.

There was something missing in Rob’s life though and in the summer of 2011 he decided it was schooling that would fill the void. The Spring of 2012 Rob began his journey for even higher education at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal IL. It was a fast paced, high speed, two years of living on campus Monday through Thursday and then a straight drive back to Chicago every Thursday night to use the weekend for the business of Rob Krueger Photography. Then a straight drive early Monday morning from Chicago to Normal to his parking spot to be on time for his 8am class. 2 years of this was dedication Rob didn’t even know he had.

In December of 2013 Rob graduated with his Bachelors in Studio Arts with a focus in Photography. Time flew from that moment on. By March of 2014 Rob completely paid off his school loans; financed by his photography business alone, from the previous 4 years. In May of 2014 Rob was hired as an instructor at The College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn IL, where he was an Alumni in 2009.

During 2014 Rob has found a passion in the education of photography. This journey of learning and teaching has led him to create Take & Talk Pics Photography Podcast.

We are so excited for whatever happens next and we can’t wait to bring you more amazing information. After all, Photo World, you are the reason we exist.

Happy Shooting!


Rob and the Take & Talk Pics team



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