Build Your List

build-your-email-listThat’s right Photo World, you need to build your list. That is your email list. Think of the countless emails you receive that are of little to no value for you, but there is one email every so often that keep you as a subscriber to that list.

Now, you don’t have to bombard people with nonsensical emails day in and day out. However, you may find a use for the list over time. Some will tell you to make a few lists that fit into categories like most likely to buy, least likely, and somewhere in the middle.

My view is collect all emails and compile a list of possible for sales. At the very least if you build your list you could always come back to it when the time is right. In this episode I discuss when the right time might be to use your list.

Anyone and everyone is a candidate to be considered. If you are able to acquire an email at any point then you are a step closer to a possible “yes” for your product or service. You have to consider any contact or inquiry is the halfway point to a “Yes”. In other words gaining someone’s email address is a “maybe” to buying your product or service.

You never know what you will do in the future so build your list in the present!

Happy Shooting!


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