Chicago Engagement A & B

Chicago Engagement I love photographing weddings but there is something about the engagement sessions that just resonates with me. I always tell couples the reasons I really enjoy engagement sessions. It is also why I include the engagement session with each of my weddings. First off, it is an extended introduction. This interaction helps me […]

Wedding Photography for M & J

Wedding Photography We have heard it in past interview and I expect we will hear it in future interviews as well… You should try to make betting pictures than you did the day before. Simply put, strive for better every time. As professionals and even when we know this, we all have those days where […]

E & P Wedding Day

E & P Wedding Day Photo World when I photograph a wedding I find myself in picture mode. Just strap on my gear, turn up my outgoing side (I try to be as authentic as possible), trust my skills and experience, and get to work capturing everything I must for each wedding I do. However, […]

Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding Photo World, the thing I love most about being a wedding photographer is no two weddings are the same. Some are enormous with 400+ guests and a 12-16 hour day and others are intimate weddings with just a select group invited to celebrate with the couple. I like how many different ways a […]

Live Wedding Photography Workshop!

Live Wedding Photography Workshop! Rob Krueger is hosting a full day Live Wedding Photography Workshop and has invited interested members of our group to join him. If you are thinking about being a wedding photographer this class will teach you everything you need to know and get your portfolio filled with great images at the same […]

A & J Wedding Photography

I have been trying to make a better point of doing more with my photography blog… well to be completely honest I was never really great at keeping a blogging schedule. So from time to time I am trying to post more here on Take & Talk Pics even though it is my Rob Krueger Photography […]

Macro Madness!

What is Macro Macro is a term to describe a specific type of close up photography. Close up photography really mean anything that is closer in appearance than that of which the human eye can see. To relate photography (35mm film or FX digital) to the human eye we need to know about focal length. […]

155 – Metering Modes

Metering Modes Today’s Photo Talk is about metering modes. Specifically the light meter in your camera. I touch upon the different modes you probably have in your camera and the function of them. Listen carefully because this one is tough to grasp at first. I don’t believe I fully understood how metering worked during the […]

New Photography Gear – episode 137

New Photography Gear As I get ready for a new semester of teaching I am preparing myself for the number one most asked question from newer photographers who want to be better image makers: “What piece of gear should I buy next?” I love this question… more so, I love seeing the reaction after hearing […]