Building A Portfolio – episode 128

Building A Portfolio – episode 128 Building A Portfolio is a long process. A career is often something we look back on to say what we did for a living rather than looking forward to what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Think of everything I talk about on the show […]

106 Monday Message – Finding Your Style

Monday Message – Finding Your Style Finding your style is simple if you stay on track and refuse to Compare yourself to others. Ignore the competition; know your competition but use them for inspiration. I like to say “Don’t compare your middle to someone else’s end” and for those of you in the early stages of […]

Not Just Flowers

Most of you know me as a flower photographer. I do love making flower portraits, nature subjects make my heart sing. But I also love to photograph people, especially my 7 grandchildren. When Madison, my newest granddaughter arrived last September, I could not wait to photograph her. But I had a new idea that I […]

The Good the Bad and the Awesome!

The Good the Bad and the Awesome! Hey Photo World! We all know there are ups and downs in business and as photographers we learn so much as we go. There is really no way to be fully prepared for every situation prior to starting a business and that is no different for a photography […]

072 Fundamental Friday’s – Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds What is the Rule of Thirds and how is it used? Essentially it is a grid system to help influence a more pleasing composition and healthy balance to a photograph. Listen to today’s episode to learn more and start applying the Rule of Thirds to your photographer for more compelling compositions.   […]

BONUS! Webinar

Hey Photo World! Bonus episode today! This is the second Take & Talk Pics webinar to date and it is all about failure. I ask this question in every interview. “Tell Photo World about a time you failed.” – this isn’t to point out the times where a photographer messed up… No. It is meant […]


Hey Photo World! So I have been dealing with a client recently… Yep I said “dealing with” we all know what that means. Let me break it down for you with a risk of sounding like an idiot. I received a call in need of photography for a commercial shoot. This job like most commercial […]

Monday Message 001

Today’s Monday Message: Today June 1st marks a new chapter for the Take & Talk Pics Photography Podcast. I am beginning The Monday Message where I dive a little deeper into a subject that has come up in a past episode and give my thought on it as a podcast episode but also as a […]

Take & Talk Pics host is a guest on the Improve Photography Podcast

Episode 024 guest Jim Harmer, founder of Improve, invited me to join him on the Improve Photography Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the Improve Photography Podcast on iTunes. Jim along with Nick Page, Jeff Harmon, and Darin Mellor asked that I join them for a great show with some questions getting answered, racecourses being shared, and of course nerding out. Read the […]