Giving Back – episode 242

Giving Back Photo World I offer a free coaching call. Scroll to the bottom of this page if you are interested. One thing I do for every call is get to know you and your business. Following the call I give a thank you gift for having done the call. I don’t want to share […]

Rule of Thirds Pricing – episode 240

Rule of Thirds Pricing Photo World, making up what you do with your pricing is hard enough. I spent years, with trial and error, figuring out an efficient way to make life easier when it comes to talking money. I have created a rule of thirds pricing… Have a set pricing for your customers Define who […]

People Person – episode 239

People Person There is no rule in business that says you must be a people person but I like to lean on logic when I question these types of things. In a truly logical sense, in every career or job, in every industry, there are people involved. Either you are getting something done/created for other […]

Network Time – episode 238

Network Time Photo World it is time to get back to business. Admittedly, the show has been struggling these past few weeks and the content has suffered. However, you still mean a great deal to me and I want you to know there are many great things to come. That being said it is time […]

Talk Yourself Up – episode 237

Talk Yourself Up Sometimes you need to talk yourself up. Photo World, the way we handle our internal reactions will often determine our external reality. I have spoken about mindset and maintaining professionalism in the past but what about those times when it seems like nothing is going your way? What about when you are […]

What They Did – episode 236

What They Did I want to wrap up my thoughts from the last episode… I talks about starting out and there have been a few dedicated episodes with that same idea in mind, but it is really leading us to today’s topic. I had heard, and I don’t know if this is his quote, businessman […]

Rocky Start – episode 235

Rocky Start Photo World there are always so many things that come across my desk (screen) and I find once in a while, I see things that strike a chord with me. Recently, a story was shared withe me about another “photographer” who borrowed a few pictures to supplement their own portfolio in hopes to […]

Manual Mode – episode 234

Manual Mode Photo World how could I go through each priority mode and not finally speak on Manual Mode. However, I don’t really do that much here. I should have called this episode Rob Mode because I selfishly only talk about how I shoot and how I couple Manual Mode with my Metering. Although, Manual […]

Program Mode – episode 233

Program Mode Photo World in my opinion Program mode is the transitional mode between auto and manual. Now if you have played with or made some understanding of how to effectively use the shutter priority and aperture priority modes then you are going to feel very comfortable with the Program Mode. Basically the camera will decide for […]