Cost of Doing Business

Costs BenefitsPhoto World there is an old saying: It takes money to make money. That saying is so true and truer still when it comes to marketing. Marketing is one of the costs of doing business, in fact, it is the largest cost of doing business. In today’s episode I break down three marketing strategies I have tried over the past few years. Admittedly, over one dozen attempts at marketing have taken place for Rob Krueger Photography and most have failed miserably. A few have been successful and have become the new standard for all future marketing.

Photo World you have everything to risk when you start marketing your business. It can be costly… at first. Hopefully, those trial and error tests of marketing will open up the opportunity your business needs. One marketing avenue I had used was Google ads. My experience wasn’t typical but I confidently feel it is a valuable option for most photography businesses.

I have had my own ups and downs when it comes to marketing and today I only discuss the idea of paid marketing. a brief mention to word of mouth as well as social media marketing is worth remembering. The fact that we have a free (social media) option for marketing our businesses is brilliant. On the one hand that is part of the reason the market feels saturated at times. However, saturated markets is a myth.

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