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David and Luke Edmonson have been called the “Master Photographers to Master Photographers” and with good reason.

With over 50 combined years in the industry, the indelible impact the Edmonson’s leave with clients, students and peers around the world is remarkable. No doubt, their signature style is unmistakable. But it’s their “Iron-Sharpens-Iron” philosophy that has fueled their art and professional success.

A relentless pursuit of excellence through competition. Selfless mentorship. A hands-on benevolence with their passionate charities.

Simply put, the “Edmonson Way” means that giving is a both a privilege and a path to self-improvement; for themselves and those they encounter.

With dozen of awards as Master Photographers, Diamond Awards, Photographers of the Year and numerous other designations, 2015 was the year the Edmonson’s made photography history. David was honored as recipient of the WPPI Lifetime Achievement Award. This father-son duo also became the first-ever family members inducted into the Camera Craftsman of America, one of the oldest, most prestigious groups in the world dedicated to advancing the profession of photography as an art form. Also in 2015, Luke was named one of the groundbreaking founders of the WPPI Photographer Certification program, the first of its kind in the industry.

The Edmonson’s are sought-after speakers and educators locally, nationally and abroad, teaching workshops to the up and coming aspiring photographer, to share their talent and know-how to help others hone their craft.  They also serve as print judges at various international print competitions.

It’s often said that Art Imitates Life. If you’ve ever seen the work of David and Luke Edmonson, this is clearly true:

“Profound with dimensionality, ingrained with emotion and compelling in their beauty.”

This is the Edmonson Way.


Happy Shooting!







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