Dust Mapping

dirtysensorPhoto World we work so hard to have beautiful, clean, well made photographs. We did this back in the film days too, but there was a battle going on against dust and scratches. We still see issues today when it comes to dust.

They make air blowers, sensor brushes, lens cleaner fluids, micro fiber cloths, lens tissue, sensor gels, or you can send your equipment out for professional cleaning… There are a lot of options today to ensure that we don’t have one spec of dust in an image where we don’t want it. However, most of these tools/devices/options are horrible and cause more damage than help solve problems. Often it is user error but I say why take the risk!

Now there are many things you can do that are low risk and may clear up those dust spots but every so often there is a spot we can’t seem to shake. I give a couple cleaning examples I do but my favorite and most trusted is send it out to a pro who will also assume responsibility.

Photo World, if you really can’t get the job done or can’t get the right person to do it for you, you may want to consider Dust Mapping. This in camera software driven process will save you hours of editing.

Happy Shooting!


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