E & P Wedding Day

Photo World when I photograph a wedding I find myself in picture mode. Just strap on my gear, turn up my outgoing side (I try to be as authentic as possible), trust my skills and experience, and get to work capturing everything I must for each wedding I do. However, confidently I say 99 of 100 weddings presents an opportunity or two or three where I can step out of my usual shot list and let the creative juices flow.

That is where the magic truly happens because it is not the comfortable norm for my wedding routine. I’m forced to take my skills to new heights. Photo World, you can point out those images that were about the opportunity rather than the common wedding shots taken.

Once a wedding is all done for the day I step back and look at the wedding day from start to finish; beginning to see everything that happened, list out everything thought to be missed, where could there be improvement for next time, and if there is time… get excited about the successes from each particular wedding photography gig.
Wedding Day 1

Wedding Day 2

Wedding Day 3

Happy Shooting!


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