Giving Back

Photo World I offer a free coaching call. Scroll to the bottom of this page if you are interested. One thing I do for every call is get to know you and your business. Following the call I give a thank you gift for having done the call. I don’t want to share everything, but highlight 1 point on the gift.

giving-backGiving back to your community. In the episode I read word for word how I view this point and what I include in this gift. In short I have found giving back to your community does many things and it is different for each of us. It can be for a feel goof feeling, maybe to help out for a cause you believe in, or just to show that you are motivated to be a part of your community.

Whatever the reason giving back is a beautiful thing. Take it one step further and incorporate your skill, talent, and passion for photography and creatively look for ways to overlap your photography work with community service. Perhaps you could do photos for a local animal shelter so they have quality images.

Happy Shooting!


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