Make Changes

Make Change - Episode 250Photo World if you are learning and growing then you are changing. Often it can be difficult to make change and go along with them but it is a necessary practice to improve from where you are.

So here we are on the 250th episode on Take & Talk Pics! I have been so blessed to do this podcast and bring this content to you Photo World. However, I have been learning, growing, and yes, changing.

I have been finding there are so many things I have planned for my work and businesses and I need to make a few adjustments right here on the podcast and blog.

First, the show is going to be on a bit of a break. I can’t bring myself to stop because I am far too passionate about what this show means to me and what I want to continue contributing to you Photo World.

So being somewhat on the back burner you can expect 2 episodes a month. Once every other week. Ideally these would be interviews with photographers from around the world, but I know there will be a few here and there where I need to share solo from time to time.

As I make changes, I would like consistency, and a space where Photo World can continue to learn from me. So I will maintain a weekly blog post right here on Take & Talk Pics.

Happy Shooting!


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