Manual Mode


Photo World how could I go through each priority mode and not finally speak on Manual Mode. However, I don’t really do that much here. I should have called this episode Rob Mode because I selfishly only talk about how I shoot and how I couple Manual Mode with my Metering. Although, Manual Mode is really “insert name here” Mode every time. If you think about how we create images, and you will hear me speak to the topic of “Style” here today, we will find it all starts from our own understanding of our gear and how we use it to create our looks. Admittedly, some of the thoughts seem disconnected but I do tie up my point in the end and hopefully give you a rough outline to doing what you love for a living. Ultimately, this is a show to help the “enter your current photographic level here” photographer to gain knowledge and experience to move forward and grow toward the next level of their journey. Whatever that may be.

We will make our way back to the business stuff soon enough. I wanted to break for a few episodes to really break down some areas on the camera in hopes to offer insight or possibility in using those options. Sometimes we get so set in what is comfortable nothing great can happen anymore because the possible is so beyond the realm of comfort.

Happy Shooting!


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