New Photography Gear

As I get ready for a new semester of teaching I am preparing myself for the number one most asked question from newer photographers who want to be better image makers: “What piece of gear should I buy next?”

I love this question… more so, I love seeing the reaction after hearing my answer.

Photographers_by_Augustas_DidzgalvisI am not sure where this idea of getting a new camera body equals being a better photographer. If that were the case I would pick up a medium format digital with 80 megapixels and be considered one of the best photographers around. Sure I would have to give up a few things, like my car and my house, but totally worth it to rise to the top… EEEHHHHH! WRONG! It doesn’t work like that and it never will. A camera is a tool and just like the latest drill or car, a camera is only as good as the person operating it. Your driving skills don’t go up because you get an Audi R8. A camera isn’t the first thing I would suggest upgrading.

There are always new gadgets to buy that will improve your photography greatly and in this episode I avoid diving deep into the technology topic, but I do share ideas about camera lenses and lighting for photography. My thoughts are my own when it comes to this topic of what gear should I get next. Really new photography gear is based on 3 things:

  • What do you need to enhance the photography you do and want to do?
  • What kind of budget are you really working with?
  • Is this worth the investment?

Answer those 3 things and you will have a better idea about what you need to add to your bag of gear.

Happy Shooting!




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