People Person

people-personThere is no rule in business that says you must be a people person but I like to lean on logic when I question these types of things. In a truly logical sense, in every career or job, in every industry, there are people involved. Either you are getting something done/created for other people or you are having work done for you. Your business really revolves around the idea that someone is on the other end of just about everything your do. With that, being a people person could just be the most important skill¬†you develop for your business. I will say when I got started as a photographer people were the one subject I never wanted to deal with.¬†However, I had a benefit most don’t get; I was able to watch a pro photographer in action. Not just a pro photographer but one who was already in business for 20 years when I started working for him, one who was an excellent people person, and one who genuinely knew how to interact with others. I learned how to be a people person.

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