Program Mode

Photo World in my opinion Program mode is the transitional mode between auto and manual. Now if you have played with or made some understanding of how to effectively use the shutter priority and aperture priority modes then you are going to feel very comfortable with the Program Mode. Basically the camera will decide for you what the exposure will be with the exception of ISO. However, just like the other two priority modes you can enable that setting as well.

program-modeProgram mode wants good safe exposure for the situation the camera is presented with. Offering you the cleanest images with everything being considered. Now this is where Program mode is actually kind of cool… you may change the shutter or the aperture depending on a sharpness, depth of filed, freezing or blurring motion, and even creative attributes. No matter what you change or how you decide to do so the camera will automatically come up with the equivalent exposure. This is the main feature to Program mode because it acts as an exposure safety net. There will be limitations because one setting will affect the other, those settings being shutter speed and aperture, but you have a lot of latitude especially when you are unsure.

A tip I had heard about but have never practiced myself, if you typically shoot in manual, put your camera in Program Mode when you pack your camera bag. This way when and if you come across something that needs to be captured at a moment’s notice you can easily open your bag, grab your camera, turn it on, and shoot with safe exposure settings to ensure capturing that photo. Then you may switch over to manual or where ever you would like and shoot like you normally would. I could see that being a good practice for many photographers who actively react when they see a picture worthy scene.

Happy Shooting!


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