Rule of Thirds Pricing

Photo World, making up what you do with your pricing is hard enough. I spent years, with trial and error, figuring out an efficient way to make life easier when it comes to talking money. I have created a rule of thirds pricing…

  1. Have a set pricing for your customers
  2. Define who your customer is and how you would charge them
  3. Give appropriate breaks to the right people

I have broken my customer base into 3 main categories, hence the rule of thirds. One has three sub categories within it. You’ll have to listen to get the who scoop.

rule-of-thirds-pricingIf you have been having trouble determining your pricing for new customers, family, friends, referrals, or repeat clients maybe this episode will help you. I know when you’re starting out it seems more important to just book the work or sell the art just for the sake of doing so. Newer photographers often make the mistake of taking what they can get and breaking their own pricing rules. These simple rules I have laid out will help guide you to a more successful pricing structure and a good path to improving your own pricing model in the future.

Happy Shooting!


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