David & Luke Edmonson – episode 252

David & Luke Edmonson David and Luke Edmonson have been called the “Master Photographers to Master Photographers” and with good reason. With over 50 combined years in the industry, the indelible impact the Edmonson’s leave with clients, students and peers around the world is remarkable. No doubt, their signature style is unmistakable. But it’s their […]

Light Painting with Harold Ross – episode 251

Light Painting with Harold Ross Harold Ross (b 1956), is an American fine-art photographer who lives and works in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Since 1979, Harold has been creating distinctive work in the studio as well as in the night landscape. For 27 years, he has specialized in light painting, a technique involving “painting” the […]

Make Changes – Episode 250

Make Changes Photo World if you are learning and growing then you are changing. Often it can be difficult to make change and go along with them but it is a necessary practice to improve from where you are. So here we are on the 250th episode on Take & Talk Pics! I have been […]

Nikon Active D-Lighting – episode 249

Nikon Active D-Lighting Photo World this episode is more proof that you need to know your gear to fully understand the potential you bring to every shoot. Knowing your gear is good but knowing when, where, and how to use the tools effectively is the real test of a pro photographer versus a hobbyist. The Active […]

Dust Mapping – episode 248

Dust Mapping Photo World we work so hard to have beautiful, clean, well made photographs. We did this back in the film days too, but there was a battle going on against dust and scratches. We still see issues today when it comes to dust. They make air blowers, sensor brushes, lens cleaner fluids, micro […]

Time-lapse Photography – episode 247

Time-lapse Photography Photo World I needed a break from all the business talk because at the end of the day my addiction to photography needs some attention as well as my passion for building businesses. Time-lapse Photography is a bit of its own practice. In fact it began mostly by accident and has slowly evolved into […]

Savings Plan – episode 246

Savings Plan Photo World when you run your own business it doesn’t matter when it comes up or in what aspect the conversation takes place… most of us, when we start out, do not like to talk money. That could be one of the worst offsets to a secure savings plan for a infant business. […]

Why Should You Blog – episode 245

Why Should You Blog Photo World as you can tell by the title I am going to totally sell you on the idea of why should you blog. Okay, not really but I am going to talk about the purpose and operations behind how a blog works. The true conversation is about good business practice, […]

Build Your List – episode 244

Build Your List That’s right Photo World, you need to build your list. That is your email list. Think of the countless emails you receive that are of little to no value for you, but there is one email every so often that keep you as a subscriber to that list. Now, you don’t have […]

All Work and No Play – episode 243

All Work and No Play We often feel like there’s too much to do. To many things on our plate and we can’t catch up; so much, that it seems our business, our career, our supposed passion is all work and no play. Just like anything else in life there is a time and place for everything. It’s my […]