The Skee Ball Effect – Monday Message

Skee Ball Effect_choose your pathI have a new approach to business and I have been working this newly coined phrase “The Skee Ball Effect” – Rob Krueger. It has resonated with me so much that I had to buy the domain name and I know it sounds ridiculous, but when you have ideas you need to go for them and test them out. This episode is not the test but it is a great show lightly breaking down The Skee Ball Effect and how we can use it to our advantage in a photography or and other small business. We have chosen a path to follow and the greatest success comes with great risk. I don’t think there are many opportunities that act as a lottery ticket in running a small business and supercharge your progress to this overarching version of success that anyone would envy. However, The Skee Ball Effect has proven to be an incredible guidance for me and more so for Take & Talk Pics and therefore in turn for you Photo World. I have been working hard and finding many ups and downs along the way but I do have to say I am coming out stronger regardless of how I approach change and progress within this podcast/blog. I just want to pass on the tools to you as well so you may find growth in the most unexpected experiences in your career. As an added bonus I am offering a free coaching call with me, to take an hour and discus your business one on one and see what kind of clarity I can help offer. Go to to sign up for you free coaching call today!

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