Time-lapse Photography

Photo World I needed a break from all the business talk because at the end of the day my addiction to photography needs some attention as well as my passion for building businesses. Time-lapse Photography is a bit of its own practice. In fact it began mostly by accident and has slowly evolved into spectacular motion pictures.

untitledTime-lapse Photography is more simplified than it used to be with the advent of digital. In short it’s a series of images being complied into video, for a quick view of an extended time. Hence Time-lapse.

There are several ways to make a time-lapse video but the easiest is the automated feature found in most DSLRs and Mirrorless systems. However, the highest quality is making the final video by way of capturing each image individually and edit to your liking. Much more time consuming but the results are stunning.

Time-lapse - episode 247Let’s run some numbers:

1 picture every second for 1 minute straight would offer you 60 images to be used as 2 seconds of video at 30 frames per second.

10 minutes of time-lapse for 1 second of video when you shoot at an interval of 6 seconds between shots.

Say you want 30 seconds of video and you are shooting at an interval of 1 shot every minute… That would be a 15 hour long shoot to have a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Time-lapse is an investment but the results can be stunning.

Check more from Edward Muybridge.

Happy Shooting!


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