Wedding Photography

We have heard it in past interview and I expect we will hear it in future interviews as well… You should try to make betting pictures than you did the day before. Simply put, strive for better every time. As professionals and even when we know this, we all have those days where it felt as though more could have been done or opportunities were missed due to “X” “Y” and “Z”. On the other hand, we have those jobs where you walk away with a confidence greatness had been achieved.

M & J’s wedding is a perfect example of the ladder. Much time was spent evaluating why this particular wedding felt to be such a success and I have drawn 3 conclusions. Three conclusions I look to replicate for all jobs now.

  1. I felt comfortable with the couple but with a safe enough distance where I was forced to work for their connection to me in spite of the camera.
  2. M & J were not concerned with amazing pictures every time but more so having an amazing wedding day story to tell. This came through in their timeline and details, as to offer me the optimal potential in capturing a story worth telling.
  3. Capturing what was needed but then pushing them far beyond their comfort zone.

Having a location like Cantigny Park helps enhance the opportunities one has for capturing meaningful moments. Couple this with the Bloomingdale Golf Club for the reception your wedding photography can’t go wrong.



Happy Shooting!


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