What They Did

what-they-didI want to wrap up my thoughts from the last episode… I talks about starting out and there have been a few dedicated episodes with that same idea in mind, but it is really leading us to today’s topic. I had heard, and I don’t know if this is his quote, businessman Dave Ramsey  mention to one of h callers; “When you want to be thinner you talk to thin people, ask them what they did. When you want to be rich you talk to rich people, ask them what they did.” That ignited the exact same principal in me when concerning photography. When you want to be a more successful photographer you talk to successful photographers, ask them what they did. Directly asking someone who they became successful is not really the best strategy, but there are ways of learning the steps those, whose work you admire, did what they did to accomplish for where they are at now.

As a good start you should begin with who do you surround yourself with? What are they like? Do you wish you were in the same position they are in? If you are wanting what those around you have then you may be in the right crowd. If you would never want what those around you have, stop having those individuals around you. Remove yourself from instability and immerse yourself in opportunity. Opportunity is nothing more than being prepared and keeping a look out for it. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So it helps to know who they are, but more importantly, what they did. Choose your friends wisely.

Happy Shooting!


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