Why Should You Blog

why-should-you-blogPhoto World as you can tell by the title I am going to totally sell you on the idea of why should you blog. Okay, not really but I am going to talk about the purpose and operations behind how a blog works. The true conversation is about good business practice, showcasing your talent, and hoe to obtain a free or cheap marketing funnel.

It is a lot of information to be crammed in a 10 minute episode but when it comes to blogging it’s pretty simple. There are many reasons why you should blog. However, and I know this first hand, there are countless reasons to give up on a blog. It isn’t as exciting because the investment of time is greater than most people are willing to give and results are not as instant as most would like.

That being said… Blogging is a long term investment but the payoff can be amazing. Listen to the example story of a friend of mine I share in today’s episode. She went from doing pictures as a hobby to a six figure business in only one year.

Happy Shooting!


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